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For a Balanced Body

Stack the cards in your favor for a pain-free pregnancy, smooth birth, and easy recovery.

For an Empowered Birth

Let’s get your body, mind, and family ready for this brave, beautiful change.

You were born to move.

Lift, stir, throw, scrub, carry, grasp, leap, swallow, squat, shiver, balance, sprint, swim, dig, glance, nurse, dance, sneak—although we no longer need to move in all these ways to survive, our bodies require these and many other diverse mechanical nutrients (like they require vitamins and minerals) for optimal function, including function in pregnancy and childbirth. Just as you were born to eat, you were born to move! Whether you are pregnant or a newborn mom (or actually a human at any stage of life) these principles apply to you:

Your body needs varied movement distributed throughout the day.

Pain and dysfuntion are not normal, and there is a way forward.

Pelvic floor and core function are WHOLE BODY issues.

Opportunities for movement surround you every moment: no gym required.

Your kids will learn to move (or not) by watching you.

Your body is forgiving, resilient, and changeable.

Doula Support

I pour my heart into my doula clients, offering evidence-based info on birth options, a detailed body prep plan, brain and emotional training, partner support, and my whole and utter belief in your power to do this.


Restorative Exercise

Whether you are struggling with dysfunction/pain, or just seeking to optimize your body for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, we’ll meet your body right where it is, right now. 

Pelvic Floor Training

It’s basic biomechanics: your pelvic floor requires a whole-body solution. Ready to move beyond kegels?


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About Meredith Nelson

I’m a Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES-CPT), and a professional doula since 2013. A student of biomechanist Katy Bowman, I train people in natural movement that yields health and wholeness, and that optimizes stability and mobility for daily functions (but also for pregnancy and childbirth). As a doula, I support all birthing choices, but I specialize in preparing women for physiologic birth. My unique training as a RES-CPT allows me to assess what lifestyle changes and daily movements may benefit each client (regardless of birth plan) in preparation for birth, recovery, and parenting.

My husband and I have two children, with whom we love to roam the Blue Ridge, mostly barefoot.

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