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Created with my west-coast bestie, Alicia Fishbein (expert doula-advocate), Intentional Birth is — we sincerely believe — the most comprehensive childbirth course available online for women preparing for physiologic birth. We honestly address the challenges AND the joy of pregnancy and birth, with all their changes and choices. If there is a way to feel ready to welcome your baby (in body, in mind, in environment and team), I believe this is it.

    Babies have been born in times of flood, famine, war, earthquake, and political exile. And even now, in the midst of a global pandemic, they keep on coming! It’s likely that COVID-19 has created change in your birth plans: the sister, mom, best friend, or doula you were relying on to support you during birth can no longer be with you. Now it’s just you and your partner traveling this road. But don’t panic, pivot! We’ll show you how.

    Meredith and Alicia believe that this time calls for every couple to learn how to doula themselves. So, they’ve taken everything they’ve learned from supporting hundreds of births, and distilled it into a super simple essential guide. They’ll show you start to finish how to birth confidently, comfortably, and safely.  

    They’ve combined their wide experience working with hundreds of couples, their passion for birth, plus a little pixie dust, to create an accessible toolset for your upcoming birth.

    Be your own damn doula and make your birth-day the best day of your life!

    Who are these ladies?

    Best friends, experienced doulas, mamas. We read books and research articles about birth…for fun! We talk about birth…for fun! We would even give birth again…for fun! We love birth and we want YOU to love yours!

    ONLINE CLASS – $39


    What does BYODD include?

    2-hour recorded webinar in which we discuss:

      • How to communicate well with your care team
      • Your birthing rights and options
      • Tools for coping well with labor pain
      • How your partner can support you emotionally and physically
      • Physical comfort measures
      • Positions and movements for easier birth
      • Tips for pushing
      • Preventing tearing and hemorrhage

    BYODD pdf manual including:

      • Quickie Guide to Birth
      • Labor and Pushing Positions
      • Affirmations
      • Creating a Birth Plan Guide
      • How to be the Best Damn Partner
      • Hospital Packing List

    Saturday March 7 2020


    218 West Market Street

    Charlottesville VA 22901


    Learn the simple daily habits and movements that will:

    • Reduce back and pelvic pain
    • Optimize fetal positioning
    • Improve mobility, strength, and stability during pregnancy
    • Prepare the core and pelvic floor for birth and recovery

    Register below through Posture Studio’s website.


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